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White Wing Results -- Feb 19

White Wing results are now available.

We continue to be gifted with good weather for our events. Saturday at White Wing was no exception. Here’s hoping we’ll see nothing but great weather for all our 2011 tournaments.

Congratulations to our Flight winners….


1st Flight:

1st Place…. Eddie Nunez (74) with +1 Chicago points;

2nd Place….Ed Hilpert (90) with -6 points;

3rd Place…..Erik Rudi (84) with -7 points;

4th Place Tie….Tommy Ledbetter (89) and Andrew Lai (90) with -8 points each.


2nd Flight:

1st Place…. Philip Jones (95) with 0 Chicago points;

2nd Place Tie….Mike Sigman (92) and Rick Hall (92) with -1 point each;;

4th Place Tie….Greg Jones (92) and Ian Hull (96) with -3 points each.


3rd Flight:

1st Place…. Bobby Pennington (103) with +5 Chicago points;

2nd Place….Jeremy Fang (115) with +4 points;

3rd Place…..Blake Roberts (110) with +1 point;

4th Place….Patrick Sexton (100) with 0 points.

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