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Blackhawk Tournament Results

Blackhawk results are now available.

Congratulations to our Flight winners….

1st Flight:

1st Place…. Ed Hilpert (Gross 84 and 6 Modified Stableford points)

2nd Place….Nat Mokry (83 and 1 MF point)

3rd Place…..Erik Rudi (83 and 0 MF points)


2nd Flight:

1st Place…. .Anthony Guzaldo (82 and 13 MF points)

2nd Place ….Steve Barnes (87 and 12 MF points)

3rd Place Tie…..Jeff Jones (85 and 10 MF points)


3rd Flight:

1st Place…. Jeb Bera (77 and 31 MF points)

2nd Place….Jeff Bowman (86 and 10 MF points)

3rd Place Tie…..Michael Bera (94 and 6 MF points) and Bruce Beltran (93 and 6 MF points)


And special congratulations to……

Jeb Bera for his exceptional round, including…..

2 Close to Pins (#8 and #15)

the only 2 Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight

3 of the 5 Skins in the 2nd Trash Flight

Blackhawk Tournament Specifics

Blackhawk pairings are now available.

LUNCH AT BLACKHAWK…. For those of us who want to eat lunch at Blackhawk after the tournament can do so for an added $5.00, which will bring your tournament fee to $60.00. If you would like to be included, please send a simple reply by Friday.

PACE OF PLAY AT BLACKHAWK…. Will be monitored by the course Marshals. Please do what is necessary to stay up with the group in front.

All players are responsible for knowing tournament specifics including Pairings, Assigned Tees, Flights, Starting Holes, and Rules of Play. This information will be posted at the Blackhawk lounge before the start of play.

With a Shotgun Start, all players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play no later than 7:30 as we should be going to our assigned starting holes by 7:15.

Jeff Jones and Eddie Nunez will be the Directors in charge of this event. Please direct any tournament questions or concerns to them.



1st Flights will play Blue Tees
2nd & 3rd Flights will play White Tees

TRASH CARRY-OVER: No Trash Carryover in this event.

WEATHER FORECAST: With an expected temperature of 90, it looks like we’ve leapfrogged Spring and went straight to Summer.

DRESS CODE: Although Blackhawk has no specific Dress Code, we ask that all CTGA players dress consistent with upscale golf course dress code requirements. Blackhawk is a Soft Spike facilities.

Wolfdancer Tournament Results -- March 17, 2011

Wolfdancer results are now available.

A taste of Summer greeted us at Wolfdancer on Thursday. Had the breeze been a bit calmer it would have been the ideal day.

Congratulations to our Flight winners….

1st Flight:

1st Place…. Brian Melnyk (Gross 81–Net 72)

2nd Place….Stephen Bell (83-75

3rd Place…..Bill Lindquist (84-76)


2nd Flight:

1st Place…. .Anthony Guzaldo (86-73)

2nd Place ….Kevin Lowe (87-75)

3rd Place Tie…..Humberto Sanchez (87-77) and Tony Liang (87-77)


3rd Flight:

1st Place…. Bill Smith (90-74)

2nd Place….Jeff Bowman (91-75)

3rd Place Tie…..Mike Sigman (91-76) and Juan Morales (94-76)


4th Flight:

1st Place…. Jeremy Fang (104-70)

2nd Place….Mark Cullins (93-71)

3rd Place…..Scott Preece (95-76)


And special congratulations to……

Bill Lindquist for his Eagle 3 on #18

Matt Alvers, Bill Lindquist and Brian Melnyk for the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight

And our 4 Close to Pin winners with all under 10 feet……Matt Alvers (9’ 3”), Philip Jones (3’ 5”), Jeremy Fang (7’ 1”), and Brian Melnyk (0’ 8”)

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