Teravista Tournament Results

Results for Teravista are now available.

The weather for our 1st 2020 CTGA Tournament was absolutely ideal, especially considering the weather today.  Although we’re getting close to Winter in Austin, we hope all our events through March will be as nice.


Congratulations to our Teravista Medal Play winners…..

…..and, special Kudos to….

·         Erik Rudi with Low Gross Round of the Day..  – 74  

·         Matt Surina with the Low Net Round of the Day – 65

·         Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:  Eddie Nunez – 9’ 4” on #3

2nd Trash Flight:  Shannon Detro – 18’ 6” on #7

·         James Ekstrom and Steven Hesch with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight.

·         Tod Alderman with the only Deuce in the 2nd Trash Flight.