Repairing Pitch Marks

As a courtesy to all golfers who follow us, and the course itself, it's important that all CTGA players do all we can to keep the course in as good condition as we would like it to be for us.

Below are the RIGHT WAY and the WRONG WAY to repair pitch marks. A pitch mark tool or tee should be used to effectively repair the damage. Never use the edge of a putter to repair your pitch mark, as this method cannot get the thatch layer and soil back to their original and preferred place.

Always remember, if your shot hits the green on the fly, there will be some damage. Find it, repair it, then look for and repair at least one other that someone else missed. If you notice any ball mark on the green that needs fixing, fix it.

Never stick your putter head into the cup to remove your ball from the hole as it could cause damage to the edges of the cup.

Never take your pull-cart across tees or greens, or across the fringe between the green and a greenside bunker. Always move your cart to a spot between the green and next tee box before proceeding to the green to putt.

Bunkers and Rakes

When going into a bunker to hit a shot, you should enter from the lower edge of the bunker (A)….never enter from a high edge (B).

After hitting out of bunkers, they should always be raked smooth for the players who follow. When raking the bunker, you should first fill in the deep ruts made by your feet and club, then smooth the sand as evenly as possible. Try to avoid leaving rake teeth marks in the sand.

When finished raking, the rake should be positioned in the bunker, at the side nearest the rough (C), and in such a way that the handle can be easily accessible).

Additional Reminders

  • Always replace fairway divots.
  • Put your discarded waste paper, drink containers, discarded cigarette butts, etc., in the course receptacles provided.
  • Sunflower seeds, cigarettes and tobacco chew may be necessary for some golfers. If they are for you, avoid leaving any parts of them on tee boxes or putting greens.
  • Let's be conscientious about our game and make it more fun for all golfers.