Starcke Park Tournament Results

Starcke Park results are now available.

CTGA welcomed New Member CHRIS SAPUPPO and Special Guests JAY CROWELL and KENS SEKULA to our Starcke Park tournament.

We unfortunately had a disqualification yesterday due to a wrong score recorded on a specific hole.  It’s important to remember that all players are responsible for the hole-by-hole scores on our official scorecard.

Pace of Play on Saturday was outstanding with the exception of one foursome who was noted as being 2+ holes behind the foursome in front.  We hope all foursomes will be totally aware of the distance between them and the foursome in front.  We are all responsible for maintaining an acceptable pace on the course.

In addition to our Medal Play winners, Special KUDOS to the following…..

  • Rick Spigarelli with Individual Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 75
  • Scott Preece with Individual Low Net Round of the day – 63  (Scott likes this golf course)
  • Closest Par 3 winning shots of the day in each Trash Flight:

1st Trash Flight:  Brian Melnyk – 11’ 9” on # 2 and Julie Torres – 11’ 10” on #13 (too close to not recognize both)

2nd Trash Flight:  John Cervantes – 7’ 9” on # 6

  • Steve Barnes, Sean Nunez and Julie Torres with the only Skins in the 1st Skin Flight
  • Chris Reid, Rick Spigarelli and Julie Torres (2) with the only Deuces in the 1st Deuce Flights.
  • John Cervantes with the only Deuces in the 2nd Deuce Flight.