CTGA Rules of Play

Bylaw Number: 
  1. All CTGA tournaments will be played in accordance with USGA Rules of Play, Local Course Rules, and specific CTGA Rules of Play. Refer to the CTGA Rules of Play in the Rules & Regulations section in our CTGA Website. Unless otherwise announced, all USGA and CTGA Specific Rules of Play shall be in effect at all tournaments.
  2. Special playing rules pertaining to inclement weather, course conditions, local course rules, etc., will be announced prior to the start of that event by CTGA Directors and/or Course Professional.
  3. Golf etiquette shall be observed at all times by CTGA Members and Guests;
  4. It is the responsibility of all CTGA Members to know and understand all CTGA tournament Rules of Play, and ensure his/her invited Guest(s) comply with these rules.
  5. Personal GPS/Course Rangefinders are permissible in all CTGA tournament play. GPS /Rangefinders with Slope capabilities are not permitted.