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White Wing Tournament Results

White Wing Results are now available.

Congratulations to our White Wing Medal Play winners…..

…..and, special Kudos to….

  • Michael Whitley with Low Gross Round of the Day – 74  
  • David Nardecchia with the Low Net Round of the Day – 64
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:
    • 1st Trash Flight:  Jay Ahmed – 7’ 9” on #8
    • 2nd Trash Flight:  Dana Thompson – 4’ 1” on #14
  • Michael Whitley with the only Deuce in the 1st Trash Flight.
  • Rammi Hilo (2), Juan Morales and David Nardecchia for the only Skins in the 2nd Trash Flight
  • And Rammi Hilo again for the only Deuce in the 2nd Deuce Flight.
  • And lastly, Brad Crandall for his Eagle 3 on the Par 5 hole #12.

White Wing Tournament Specifics

White Wing pairings are now available.

All players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play no later than 7:45 as we’ll be going to our starting holes at 7:50.


Steve Barnes, Scott Preece and John Vayo will be the Directors in charge of this event, assisted by Eddie Nunez.  Please direct tournament day questions or concerns to them.  Eddie won’t be playing this event as he is still in rehab after minor knee surgery on June 8.


FORMAT:  Medal Play




TRASH FLIGHT CARRYOVER:  There is no Carryover in either Trash Flight this event. 


TEES TO PLAY:  See Pairing Sheet


CLOSE TO PIN HOLES:  1st Trash Flight - #7 & #17;    2nd Trash Flight - #5 & #12




REMINDER:  White Wing expectation is for CTGA to complete our play no later than 12:30 as they have their Member Shotgun starting at 1:00. Please monitor your play time by staying within a reasonable and acceptable distance behind the foursome in front.


White Wing dress code is consistent with upscale country club code.  Please dress consistent with Country Club attire.  They are a Soft Spike facility.


SATURDAY WEATHER FORECAST:   83° at start time, breezy, and guess what…..a chance of rain…as of today.  If the weather turn bad, call Eddie after 6:30 Saturday morning (512-797-0566) as he’ll be in touch with the course by then.

2-Day Team Championship Results

Team championship results are now available.

Summer has officially arrived with both days hot and sticky.  It’s time to put the jackets away and bring out the sun screen and insect repellant.


In addition to our Team winners, Special KUDOS to the following…..

John Ray for playing one of the best 2 day rounds in several years.  Here’s what he accomplished this weekend:

  • Individual Low Gross Saturday & Sunday:  70 / 69
  • Individual Low Net Saturday & Sunday:  64 / 63
  • Individual 2 Day Low Gross Saturday & Sunday:  139
  • Individual 2 Day Low Net Saturday & Sunday:  127

That’s pretty hefty shooting, Mr. Ray

  • Low 2-Day Net Team Score – John Ray & Mike Fitzpatrick:  195
  • Closest Par 3 winning shots of the Weekend…..

1st Trash Flight – Saturday    Chakri Gottemukkala – 10’ 2” on #12

1st Trash Flight – Sunday    Ronnie White – 4’ 10” on #4

2nd Trash Flight – Saturday    Mike Hogarty – 13’ 4” on #5

2nd Trash Flight – Sunday    Mike Hogarty – 10’ 1” on #15

  • Chakri, Eddie Nunez & Ronnie White sharing the 1st Deuce Flight Carryover on Saturday.
  • Chakri with the only Deuce in the 2nd Trash Flight on Sunday
  • Juan Morales for carrying the load on Saturday without his partner, Anthony Guzaldo, who had a family emergency…and they still came in 4th in the 2nd Team Flight.
  • Chakri being the big winner of the day…way to go, Chakri
  • And finally, to Eddie Nunez for shooting his age on Saturday and under his age on Sunday (couldn’t resist adding this one).

2-Player Team Championship Tournament Specifics

Pairings are now available.

  • REMINDER #1:  Foursome starting Tee Times this weekend will be the same times both days.
  • We still have room for 1 player for the weekend.  If your schedule allows and you’d like to play, please let me know ASAP.




All players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

Steve Barnes and Scott Preece will be the Directors in charge of this event, assisted by Eddie Nunez.  Please direct tournament day questions or concerns to them.

FORMAT:  Medal Play

TEE TIMES both days starting at 9:04

TRASH FLIGHT CARRYOVER:   There is a Carry-over in the 1st Trash Flight on Saturday.  See attached Carry-Over sheet for details.

TEES TO PLAY:  Blue Tees both days


        Saturday:  1st Flight:  #2 & #12     2nd Flight:  #5 & #14


        Saturday:  #3 & #13

        Sunday:   #2 & #11


CITY OF AUSTIN GOLF DRESS CODE:  Although they have no specific dress code, CTGA asks that all players dress consistent with Country Club attire, so please dress accordingly.  They are a Soft Spike facilitIES.

WEEKEND WEATHER FORECAST:   Summer is here.  Temp at start time on Saturday will be 77 with 10mph winds and Sunday will be 80 with 4mph winds.  If the weather turn bad, call Eddie Nunez at 512-797-0566 after 8:00 as we’ll be in touch with the course by then.

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