Tournament Signup Requests

DIRECTOR MESSAGE – January 30, 2021

MEMBERS:  Due to COVID, golf has become a very favorable activity in Austin and courses, especially the Austin City courses, are being booked from sunrise to sunset.  We have to commit our player numbers to the courses by noon on Monday as they begin accepting general public tee times at 7:00 on Tuesday morning.  When we commit our numbers to the course on Monday, we are given the number of tee times to accommodate our committed players plus 2 buffer times for members who might sign up after Monday.  Example…. if we have 48 players signed up when I call the course on Monday, they give us 12 tee times plus 2 extra for a total of 14 tee times.  This means we can add up to 8 more players for a total of 56 players and adding more tee times won’t be possible.

On January 18 when I had to call Lions Muny to give them our player numbers, we had 46 players signed up so they gave us 12 tee times plus the 2 buffer times for a total of 14 times.  Between the time I called the course and 9:00pm that evening, 9 more players signed up, for a total of 55.  I called the course at 6:00 on Tuesday morning (before they started taking general public times) and was able to get one more tee time to accommodate late entries.  Stragglers kept coming in and by Wednesday, we had 60 players to fill the 15 times.  Two additional members sent requests to play and I called the course to see if an additional tee time was possible.  Their answer was NO, so we had to advise these 2 members that the only way they could play would be if someone had to cancel prior to Saturday.

Our policy is that we will include all players if we have spots available, even if they call the morning of the event.  This was the first time in many years we had to turn members away from a CTGA event.  With this, we are asking all members to help us in two ways:

  1. If you know you plan to play the event, PLEASE SIGN UP BY THE SIGN UP DEADLINE which, for weekend events, is the Monday prior to the event and for weekday events, is always the Friday prior to the event.  Our 2 buffer times should be for those members whose plans have changed after Monday and are now able to play.
  2. If, after signing up and our Pairings have been sent out, you find that you cannot play that event, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO LET US KNOW.  This way, if all our tee times are filled and we have members on our wait list, we can get them in.

Below is our policy on Cancellations and No Shows (Rule 9) as stated in our CTGA By-Laws.  Please review and know that although we seldom need to apply any penalties as stated, we have to be fair to our members and our By-Laws.

As a courtesy to your Members and CTGA Directors, we’re asking for your help with this very important matter.  COVID continues to create changes to normal life requirements and this is just another that we must cope with.  We thank you all in advance for your understanding, support and cooperation.