Tournaments on Hold Until Virus Threat Passed

Following the news daily, the trend of the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to escalate.  Health professionals predict that this may last for months with unprecedented deaths before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We hope all CTGA members and our families are taking the necessary steps to be Smart and stay Well.  This is a very serious medical problem that is requiring us to make drastic changes in our personal daily activities and lifestyles.  Please make sure you do your part to help the greater Austin area, Texas and America in the fight to win the battle against this enemy.

With this, CTGA position is to follow the directives from our governing officials to the letter.  We will not resume CTGA tournaments until the virus is no longer a major threat and medical officials approve return to normal daily activities.  Our hopes are that we’ll be back in the near future, but won’t hesitate to stay closed long term if needed.

Other than Sun City and the Austin City courses, most other golf courses remain open.  Many are operating with precautions to ensure Social Distancing and daily disinfecting their facilities.

Shadow Glen is a good example of remaining open with imposed safety measures:

  • Their fee counter is outside and players must pay only with credit card that they verbalize their card information and no exchange of personal card or funds between the staff and players;
  • Their carts are running but limited to one player per cart…when the carts are gone, following players must walk or wait for returning carts that will be power washed down and disinfected before released;
  • Their flags remain on greens but request that players putt with the flag in only.  They are using pool noodles at cup level to keep the ball from dropping to the bottom of the hole;
  • There is no drinking water on the course and the snack bar is closed.

City of Austin golf courses remain officially closed but players can play “free” but must walk and play is without flags in cups.  Also, no drinking water on the course or snack bar.

We have no plans to resume CTGA tournament play through the end of May and, as mentioned above, will continue to stay inactive until we know the virus is gone.

We’ll continue to send out periodical messages and updates.

Thanks to all for your understanding and cooperation.  God Bless to all.