Ryder Cup Tournament Results

Ryder Cup results are now available.

Our first ever Ryder Cup event was a great success.  Everyone enjoyed the Match Play and we look forward to this format again in 2021.  Highlights from Saturday are….

·         44 players gave us 22 Blue Team players captained by Erik Rudi and 22 Red Team players captained by Nathan Neal.

·         22 Matches resulted in a Team Tie…11 Blue Team wins and 11 Red Team wins.

·         Lowest handicap Index was Erik Rudi (2.6) and the highest Index was Mark Brody (36.3)

·         Average Handicap Index spread other than the 15.8  between Mark Brody and John Cervantes was 0.36 which made for some great matches.

·         Only one scheduled player had to cancel due to lingering injury which resulted in that Match win by default for the Blue Team.

·         Of the other 21 Matches, the margins of win (Matches closed out on specific holes) were:

#13         1 win                      #14         3 wins

#15         4 wins                    #16         4 wins

#17         6 wins                    #18         3 wins

·         Closest Matches to Finish were….

·         Greg DeGrazia and Mike Fitzpatrick were tied going to #18.  DeGrazia won the hole to win the Match.

·         David Nardecchia was 1 up on Steve Barnes going to #18.  Steve missed a short putt on #18 to Tie the Match.

·         Lori Keith was 1 up on Tod Alderman going to #18 and won the hole to win the Match.

·         Largest comeback just to fall short of victory….Doug Johnson was 6 holes down to Chad Crawford after 10 holes, won 5 of the next 6 holes to get to 1 down going to #17.  Chad won #17 for the win.

·         Largest Handicap Index Spread was the 15.8 strokes (Mark Brody vs John Cervantes).  Mark was a true grinder as he took John to the 16th hole before losing.  Great playing, Mark.


And as usual, Special KUDOS to the following…..

·         Individual Low Gross:  Brad Kendrick - 73

·         Individual Low Net:  Mark Brody - 63

·         Greg DeGrazia, Carl Givens and David Nardecchia with the only Deuces in the 2nd Deuce Flight with a 2 round Carry-Over.  Way to go guys.

·         And finally, the Old Man shoots his age again…and I’m not talking about Carl Givens.