Roy Kizer Tournament Specifics

Roy Kizer pairings are now available.

  • Reminder #1.  Due to the Morris Williams change of schedule to aerate and sand their greens on April 15, we were able to move our event on that day to Roy Kizer.  Greens at Roy Kizer are as good as any in the Austin area.
  • Reminder #2:  We are setting up Roy Kizer for men to play at Blue Tees (1st & 2nd Flights and White Tees (3rd & 4th Flights) and ladies at Green Tees in anticipation of winds being stronger than normal at this time of year.  The Tees will be set to a fair but challenging length.
  • Reminder #3:  Our April 27 event has been scheduled at Delaware Springs with an 8:00 Shotgun start.
  • Reminder #4:  We are now following the new 2019 USGA Rules of Golf Rules of Play, including the changes from 2018.  Make sure you are aware of the changes and abide by these new Rules




Make sure you know your…..

  • Scheduled Start Time
  • Assigned Tees to Play
  • CTGA Conditions of Competition


All players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.


Steve Barnes, Scott Preece and John Vayo will be the Directors in charge of this event, assisted by Eddie Nunez.  Please direct tournament day questions or concerns to them. 


FORMAT:  Medal Play (changed from Modified Stableford)


1st Tee Time:  10:33


TRASH FLIGHT CARRY-OVER:  No Carry-over in either Trash Flight this event.


TEES TO PLAY:  See Pairing Sheet


CLOSE TO PIN HOLES:  1st Trash Flight - #4 & #13;    2nd Trash Flight - #8 & #15




REMINDER #1:  Unless otherwise marked as Out of Bounds on the course or posted in the scorecard, all major ungroomed areas outside the 2nd cut of fairway will be played as a Penalty Area.


REMINDER #2:  Search time for lost balls is limited to 3 minutes.  PLEASE COMPLY with this new USGA Rule.


Roy Kizer has no specific dress code.  However, CTGA requests that all players dress consistent with Country Club attire.  They are a Soft Spike facility.


SATURDAY WEATHER FORECAST:   Not wanting to jinx our event, I reluctantly show that the weather for CTGA golf on Saturday should be great.  If, however, the weather turn bad, call Eddie after 9:00 on Saturday morning (512-797-0566) as he’ll be in touch with the course by then.