Roy Kizer Tournament Results

Roy Kizer results are now available.

       CTGA welcomed New Member AL VALDEZ, Returning Members RONNIE WHITE and GREG ZUMWALT, and Special Guests DOMINIQUE CARRILLO and G.A. MORRIS to our Roy Kizer tournament.


SPECIAL NOTE:  The last foursome of the day turned in a Callaway Pitching Wedge they found on the 18th green.  Undoubtedly it does belong to a CTGA player.  I have the club, so check your golf bag and if it’s yours, describe it and we’ll make sure we get it back to you.

Yesterday had all the makings of the best weather day of the year for CTGA golf.  Then the winds kicked up early and continued to gain strength.  We’re hoping for continuing warmer temperatures with minimal breeze as we move forward into the Summer season.


It took some explanation to help members understand the scoring of our Team format yesterday.  All members do like this format as it’s designed to get both Team players involved in the entire round.  I’m confident that all members now will be ready to complete their scorecards on their own the next time we play this format.


Congratulations to our Roy Kizer Best Ball + Bonus Flight winners…..


Also, special Kudos to….

  • Eddie Nunez and Chad Winkelmann with Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 79  
  • Tod Alderman with the Low Net Round of the Day - 68

Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:  Jason Duncan – 17’ 3” on #4

2nd Trash Flight:  Bill Bala – 5’ 0” on #15

  • Eddie Nunez and Chad Winkelmann with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight.
  • Tod Alderman (1) and Joe Gimenez (2) with the only Skins in the 2nd Trash Flight.
  • No Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight so there will be a Carryover at Legacy Hills.