Plum Creek Tournament Specifics

Plum Creek pairings are now available.

All players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play no later than 7:30 as we’ll be going to our starting holes at 7:50.


Steve Barnes, Scott Preece and John Vayo will be the Directors in charge of this event, assisted by Eddie Nunez.  Please direct tournament day questions or concerns to them. 


FORMAT:  Medal Play




TRASH FLIGHT CARRY-OVER:  No Carry Over in either Trash Flight this event.


TEES TO PLAY:  See Pairing Sheet


CLOSE TO PIN HOLES:  1st Trash Flight - #4 & #10;    2nd Trash Flight - #8 & #13




REMINDER:  Plum Creek expectation is for CTGA to complete our play no later than 12:30 as they have general public play starting immediately our event. Please monitor your play time by staying within a reasonable and acceptable distance behind the foursome in front.


Plum Creek dress code is consistent with upscale country club code.  Please dress accordingly.  They are a Soft Spike facility.


SUNDAY WEATHER FORECAST:   With tongue in cheek we’re hoping for a great day for CTGA golf.  If the weather does turn bad, Eddie will send a note on REMIND and email after 6:30 Sunday morning as he’ll be in touch with the course by then.