Morris Williams Results

Morris Williams results are now available.

The weather for our 1st 2020 CTGA Tournament was good but yesterday was absolutely perfect.  We hope the remaining events before Christmas break will be as good.


Congratulations to our Morris Williams 6+6+6 winners…..

…..and, special Kudos to….

·         Chad Winkelmann with Low Gross Round of the Day..  – 73  

·         Chris Toombs with the Low Net Round of the Day – 64

·         Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:  Chad Winkelmann – 10’ 3” on #12

2nd Trash Flight:  John Vayo – 8’ 7” on #14

·         Justin Bielss and Patrick Speir with the only Skins in the 2nd Trash Flight.

·         There were no Deuces in the 2nd Deuce Flight so we’ll have a good Carry-Over at Delaware Springs.