Legends on LBJ Results

Results are now available.

Congratulations to our Medal Play winners…..

…..and, special Kudos to….

  • Rick Spigarelli with Low Gross Round of the Day – 77  
  • Joe Gimenez with the Low Net Round of the Day – 64
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:
    • 1st Trash Flight:  Joe Ostrem – 4’ 8” on #8
    • 2nd Trash Flight:  David Nardecchia – 3’ 10” on #17
  • Joseph Ostrem and Adam Sinclair with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight
  • David Nardecchia, Scott Preece and John Vayo with the only Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight