Legacy Hills Tournament Results

Legacy Hills results are now available.

  • CTGA welcomed New Member GREG LEATH to our Legacy Hills event.
  • We need 4 more garment orders to meet our 25 requirement to avoid the $100.00 Logo charge.  If you know you’ll be ordering shirt(s), cap(s) or outer garment(s), please get your selection(s) now so we can submit our order.
  • SPECIAL NOTE….We seem to be encountering more “NO SHOWS” for our tournaments this year.  Because we operate on the Honor System and rely on players committing to their entry, we don’t require entry fee pre-payment.  Please help us by letting us know you won’t be able to make the event at least 24 hours prior or, in emergencies, as soon as you know you can’t play.


In addition to our Medal Play Flight Winners, special KUDOS to the following:

  • Rick Spigarelli with Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 81
  • Paul Cole and Joe Gimenez with the Low Net Round of the Day - 70
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:
    • 1st Trash Flight:    Mike Ball - 7’ 9” on #16
    • 2nd Trash Flight:   Paul Cole – 5’ 4” on #4
  • Ben Bradley, John Ray and Scott Toland with the only Skins in the 1st Trash Flight
  • Ben Bradley and Scott Toland with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight
  • Tod Alderman, Ken Blalock, Joe Gimenez, and Paul McCarty who shared the Carry Over Deuce Pot in the 2nd Trash Flight