Jimmy Clay Results

Jimmy Clay results are now available.

Fedex Cup Round 2 results are now available.


CTGA welcomed New Member KEVIN MISCHNICK and Special Guest CHRIS McCANN to our Jimmy Clay event.


  • In addition to the Jimmy Clay Medal Play Results, also attached are the results of Round 2 of our FedEx Cup Elimination Playoff and Finalists moving on to the Finals.
  • REMINDER #1:  Signup Deadline for our Fall Classic is TODAY, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1.
  • REMINDER #2:  Our FedEx Finals will continue as part of our Fall Classic competitions.
  • Reminder #3:  If you haven’t already done so, please send a quick reply to show who your Team Player(s) will be at the Fall Classic.
  • REMINDER #4:  Start Time for our Fall Classic will be 8:00 Shotgun both days.




In addition to our Medal Play Flight winners, Special KUDOS to the following…..

  • McCann with Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 73
  • Arnold Castro with Low Net Rounds of the Day – 61
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:  Brad Bevil – 6’ 10” on # 2

2nd Trash Flight:  Kark Wacker – 10’ 8” on # 5

  • Sean Nunez, Erik Rudi and Bill Thomas with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight.
  • Scott Preece and Karl Wacker with the only Deuce in the 2nd Trash Flight
  • Jim Petitt for his Eagle 3 on hole #7.
  • Another SPECIAL THANKS to all players who realized that Saturday would turn out to be a good day for CTGA golf.