Jimmy Clay Results

Jimmy Clay results are now available.

  • CTGA welcomed new member ADAM SINCLAIR to our Jimmy Clay event.
  • Our Jimmy Clay Pace of Play, for the most part, was excellent.  Only 3 Teams came in between 15-18 minutes behind the foursome in front.  A special thanks to all.
  • For those who have not played Delaware Springs, it is one of the “hidden jewels” in central Texas.  We’re hoping for a great turnout.
  • As we are now into our 2018 Tournament year, Annual Membership Dues will be collected at members’ next event.




In addition to our Team Winners, special KUDOS to the following:

  • Eddie Nunez with Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 75
  • John Vayo with Low Net Rounds of the Day – 68
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:    Chad Winkelmann - 5’ 4” on # 2

2nd Trash Flight:   John Cervantes – 16’ 6” on # 5

  • John Relic for his Eagle 3 on hole #7
  • Eddie Nunez and Bill Ricker for the only Deuces in their Trash Flights
  • Eddie Nunez for another Gross round of under his age
  • Lastly, and again, to all CTGA players for an excellent Pace of Play day.