Hidden Falls Results

Hidden Falls results are now available.

Our CTGA Pace of Play on Sunday was, again, excellent.  All foursomes completed their round within our target time.  This is a great trend developing for 2018 and we look for it to continue.  Great job everyone!!!!!

There was some confusion yesterday with our Back 9 Close-To-Pin holes.  Unfortunately, the #17 CTP marker was put on #15 hole and #15 marker on #17 hole.  Although there were players in the different Flights who were closer, we had to go with the correct distances for those whose names were on the Prox markers.  We don’t expect this to happen again in the future.


At our October annual meeting, members requested the opportunity to purchase CTGA logo shirts, caps, outerwear, etc.  We announced at Hidden Falls yesterday that we now have a vendor and are ready to start taking orders.  I’ll be sending out more information on this within the week.




In addition to our Medal Play Winners, special KUDOS to the following:

  • Chris Gowell with Low Gross (73) Round of the Day
  • Rammi Hilo with the Low Net (65) Round of the Day
  • Closest Par 3 shots of the day:

1st Trash Flight:    John Relic – 16’ 7” on #6

2nd Trash Flight:   Moses Kim – 11’ 10” on #3

  • Chris Gowell for his Eagle 3 on #11
  • Mike Ryther with the only Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight….with a Carryover.  Way to go, Mike.