Fall Classic Tournament Specifics

Fall Classic round 1 pairings are now available.

Fall Classic Fedex Cup finalists.

Starting Holes for both days will be assigned at the course each day.


  • Pace of Play will be enforced this tournament.  If your foursome gets more than a hole behind the group in front, makes no effort to close the gap in reasonable time, and it’s obvious that you are causing excessive delays to the foursomes behind you, all players in your foursome will be penalized for Excessive Slow Play.
  • Cowan Creek requires that all players MUST KEEP THEIR GOLF BAGS ON A CART.  A player can walk, but cannot use a pull cart or carry his/her bag.  CTGA is obligated to comply with this policy….so any player who might decide to pull his/her bag off the cart once on the course will be disqualified.  Please comply!!!!
  • Our post-play refreshments will not include beer this year, so if you want beer, you can BRING YOUR OWN COOLER.
  • We will be sending out our PAY ONLINE information on Thursday and are encouraging all players to pre-pay before Saturday to avoid a long line after play.  This is optional, but we encourage it.
  • Last call for Classic Teams will be during Saturday’s Pre-Start Announcements before start of play.  If you want in this competition and haven’t identified a partner, we’ll try to make it happen at this time.
  • Post play activities will be at the Cowan Creek Pavilion.  Please leave your cart at the course and drive to the Pavilion.  Make sure you bring your official scorecards.




Make sure you know your…..

1.   Assigned Starting Hole

2.     Assigned Tees to Play

3.     CTGA Fall Classic Conditions of Competition


All players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play by 7:30 as we’ll be going to our starting holes at 7:55.


Steve Barnes, Scott Preece and John Vayo will be the Directors in charge of this event, assisted by Eddie Nunez.  Please direct tournament day questions or concerns to them.


FORMAT:  Medal Play (and FedEx Cup Finals)


SHOTGUN START:  8:00 …… both days


TRASH FLIGHT CARRYOVER:   No Carryover in either Trash Flight this event.


TEES TO PLAY:  Refer to the attached Pairing Sheet


CLOSE TO PIN HOLES:  1st Trash Flight - #2 & #10;    2nd Trash Flight - #5 & #16




COWAN CREEK DRESS CODE:  They do have a dress code consistent with Country Club attire.  They are a Soft Spike facility.


WEEKEND WEATHER FORECAST:  COOL, in the low 70’s at tee time.  It looks like a possibility of rain, showing 40% both days.  Let’s hope for the best.  If the weather does turn bad, call Eddie Nunez (512-797-0566) after 7:00 for status of play.