Fall Classic Results

Fall Classic results are now available

  • The Golf Gods were with us again this year….the weather for our Fall Classic was almost perfect.  A bit breezy for a while on Sunday, but otherwise as good as it can be.
  • As we mentioned at our Annual Meeting, there are several issues that your Directors will be working on over the next few weeks as we prepare for the start of our 2018 CTGA Tournament Year.  Once complete, we will send the information out to all members.




No other golf league in the greater Austin area offers the diverse competitions CTGA provides throughout the year and culminating at our year-end Fall Classic.  To those who played this final event, we hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you there again next October.  To those who, unfortunately had to miss our Classic, we hope you’ll make it next year.


Attached are the 3 major results of our 2-Day event, including:

  • Medal Play and Trash Results
  • 2-Player Team Results
  • Year-long FedEx Cup Finals Results


Our Year-long Kodak Challenge Final Results will be out within the week.


Congratulations to all our Fall Classic competition winners.  I won’t even try to list all our weekend winners here, so enjoy the attachments.


As I do every year, I have to single out several important members who are the backbone of our league and who helped make our Fall Classic another great success…….

  • Kevin Lowe, Scott Preece and Steve Barnes, our At Large Directors, who were the ones who made all our tournaments run like a Rolls Royce machine.  We’re glad they’ll be back again in 2017.
  • Sean Nunez, who has the responsibility for managing all the aspects of our finances every tournament.  It’s his commitment that ensures the success of our annual Fall Classic.
  • John Vayo for his help and continuing support as our new At Large Director for 2018;
  • Cooper Nunez for his help posting Medal Play Scores and his uncanny ability to draw Julie Torres’ ticket for yet another year of free membership (her 3rd in a row).
  • To our members who took it upon themselves to chip in with assistance on Saturday and Sunday;
  • To the 61 CTGA members who joined us on this picture perfect weekend.
  • And finally, again to Kevin Lowe who, after 5 years as a CTGA At Large Director, finds it necessary to resign.  His work during these 5 years has helped CTGA’s continuing growth.  We’ll miss you, Kevin.


As with every year after our Fall Classic, there’s no rest for the weary…..Although our October 5 Teravista event will be counted as our first official 2018 tournament, our 2nd event is on Saturday, October 28 at Jimmy Clay.  Format will be our 4-Player Team 6+6+6 event.  To those not familiar with this format, the 1st 6 holes will count the two Low Net Scores of the Team, the 2nd 6 holes the 3 Low Net Scores and the last 6 holes will count all 4 player Net Scores.  A fun format that gets all Team players involved.  Sign up deadline for this event is Monday, October 10.