2-Day Team Championship Results

Team championship results are now available.

Summer has officially arrived with both days hot and sticky.  It’s time to put the jackets away and bring out the sun screen and insect repellant.


In addition to our Team winners, Special KUDOS to the following…..

John Ray for playing one of the best 2 day rounds in several years.  Here’s what he accomplished this weekend:

  • Individual Low Gross Saturday & Sunday:  70 / 69
  • Individual Low Net Saturday & Sunday:  64 / 63
  • Individual 2 Day Low Gross Saturday & Sunday:  139
  • Individual 2 Day Low Net Saturday & Sunday:  127

That’s pretty hefty shooting, Mr. Ray

  • Low 2-Day Net Team Score – John Ray & Mike Fitzpatrick:  195
  • Closest Par 3 winning shots of the Weekend…..

1st Trash Flight – Saturday    Chakri Gottemukkala – 10’ 2” on #12

1st Trash Flight – Sunday    Ronnie White – 4’ 10” on #4

2nd Trash Flight – Saturday    Mike Hogarty – 13’ 4” on #5

2nd Trash Flight – Sunday    Mike Hogarty – 10’ 1” on #15

  • Chakri, Eddie Nunez & Ronnie White sharing the 1st Deuce Flight Carryover on Saturday.
  • Chakri with the only Deuce in the 2nd Trash Flight on Sunday
  • Juan Morales for carrying the load on Saturday without his partner, Anthony Guzaldo, who had a family emergency…and they still came in 4th in the 2nd Team Flight.
  • Chakri being the big winner of the day…way to go, Chakri
  • And finally, to Eddie Nunez for shooting his age on Saturday and under his age on Sunday (couldn’t resist adding this one).