CTGA Pace of Play

Guidelines and Expectations

CTGA prides itself on “playing to the USGA Rules of Golf.”  This includes our strive to comply with USGA Rule 6-7, Note 2, which allows us to establish the Pace of Play conditions under which CTGA events will be played.

With unanimous approval of our Members, the conditions and expectations under which we will govern our 2015 tournament Pace of Play is:

  1. In all CTGA events, our Pace of Play target for each 4-somes is under 4 hours 30 minutes.
  2. If a 4-some falls behind, regardless of the reason, it’s the responsibility of all players in that group to regain their position behind the group in front.  Time for ball searches, rulings, walking between holes, and snack bar at the turn is included in the allotted time.
  3. Our Pace of Play Director will help monitor Pace of Play on the course, provide on-course Pace checks after holes #6 and #12 during Tee Time starts, and record finish time of all 4-somes at each events.
  4. Scorecards turned in more than 18 minutes after the group ahead will be considered excessive and may be cause for breach of USGA Rule 6-7 subject to applicable penalties for “Excessive Slow Play”.
  5. Exception:  If a 4-some is in excess of the 4:30 pace, but in a constant wait mode due to problems in front of them, they are considered playing within our expected pace.

A CTGA Pace of Play Committee has been formed to review circumstances that prevent 4-some(s) from finishing under 4:30 and, if necessary, recommend the appropriate action.

We are confident that all members will buy in to our 2015 Pace of Play policy, work together to help achieve our goals, and strive to make CTGA a benchmark organization for acceptable play time at all Austin area golf courses.

A sub-4:30 Pace of Play will be achieved by following these guidelines:

  1. Our 2014 CTGA Pace of Play expectation is under 4:30.  Use this Pace Monitor table as your guide during your round:
    • 6 hole finish time:          1:25
    • 9 hole turn time:             2:10
    • 12 hole finish time:        2:55
    • 18 hole finish time:        4:20
  2. Your place on the golf course is immediately behind the group in front, NOT immediately in front of the group behind.
    • If you’re waiting for the group in front, YOUR PACE IS GREAT!
    • If the group in front is no more than 1 full shot ahead, YOUR PACE IS GOOD!
    • If the group in front is more than a hole ahead, YOU NEED TO CATCH UP!