Game Improvement Videos

CTGA is pleased to provide an opportunity for members to borrow and view Game Improvement videos made by the PGA Tour Partners Club.

Members can check out one video at a time on request. If a video is already checked out by another member, reserving a video will be on first-come basis. Videos checked out at an CTGA tournament must be returned on or before the date of the next CTGA tournament.
While in your possession, the care of the video will be your responsibility.

Videos can be requested by sending an email to the tournament director. The video, when available, can be picked up at your next tournament.

Game Improvement Series

  • Driving for Distance and Accuracy
  • Long Irons and Fairway Woods
  • Short Game Techniques
  • Short Iron Shotmaking
  • Mastering Trouble Shots
  • Accurate Putting
  • Practice With A Purpose
  • Strategy and Course Management

Master The Rules Series

  • The Ball
  • The Course

And Just For Fun....

  • Airways, Follies & Fantastic Shots