Email us your name, phone number, handicap information (either established or self-declared), and the event you want to start.  See Join CTGA for more information.”

Director Messages

Pairings for Next Event

Cowan Creek Results

Cowan Creek results are now available.

Congratulations to our Cowan Creek Medal Play winners….

…..and, special Kudos to….

·         Kevin Butler, again, with Low Gross Rounds of the Day - 72

·         John Cervantes with the Low Net Rounds of the Day – 63….his first time ever with a double bogie free round

·         Eddie Nunez with the only Skin in the 1st Trash Flight….this is a CTGA first with only one Skin in the 1st Trash Flight.

·         Wade Shaff with the only Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight….he had both.

·         The 9 Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight….another 1st for so many in one Trash Flight

Roy Kizer Results

Roy Kizer results are now available.

Congratulations to our Roy Kizer Medal Play winners….

…..and, special Kudos to….

·         Kevin Butler with Low Gross Rounds of the Day - 73

·         Tracy Shaff and John Vayo with the Low Net Rounds of the Day – 66

·         John Ray and Matt Stubblefield with the only Deuces in the 1st Trash Flight

·         Eli Lippard with the only Deuce in the 2nd Trash Flight

·         Matt Stubblefield for his chip-in Eagle 2 on hole #16

·         Brad Bevil for his 1 putt Eagle 3 on hole #17

2020 Classic Results

2020 Classic Results are now available.

Despite the Sun City restrictions, our 2020 Fall Classic was  as successful as it could be.  The weather was great…a bit brisk with a stout breeze and misting on Sunday.  We want to thank all players for accepting and complying with Sun City safety guidelines.  As we said earlier, CTG has a great long running relationship with Sun City golf courses and its important we keep it strong.


I will be sending out the issues we would have discussed at the Annual Meeting we couldn’t have.  Please review it and respond with your inputs, suggestions, concerns, etc.  We thank you in advance.


No rest for the wicked as our 2021 Tournament schedule starting in less than 2 week.  We hope all will join us at The Bandit in New Braunfels on Thursday, November 5.  It’s a great track that we all enjoy.


Congratulations to those whose names were drawn to receive free 2021 Membership Dues:

            Tod Alderman                        Jason Duncan

            Anthony Holland                    David Nardecchia

            Erik Rudi

Also, in recognition for being the only non-Director to play in all 2020 CTGA Tournaments, John Cervantes was also given a free 2021 Membership Dues.


Lastly, we again want to recognize our newest 2021 Members who joined us at our Fall Classic:

            Tony Compton                        Jordan Groover         Gary Quick

            Robert Strong             Tim Sweeney               Lili Taufu



With so many different results this weekend, I won’t even attempt to try to recognize individuals as we normally do.  Just spend some time reviewing the attached results from all 4 of our Fall Classic competitions:

            2020 Fall Classic Medal Play and Trash Results

            2020 Fall Classic 2-Player Team Results

            2020 CTGA Cup Final Results

            2020 CTGA Challenge Results


And finally, on behalf of your 2020 CTGA Directors, we want to give our 2020 Members a huge THANK YOU for making a very unusual, and sometimes frustrating tournament year, a total success.


Roy Kizer results

Roy Kizer results.

A crystal clear day of golf for CTGA on Saturday.  Here’s hoping it will continue for our Fall Classic in 2 weeks.


Attached are the Medal Play Results and the CTGA Cup Elimination Round 2 Results showing players advancing to the Cup Finals.


Congratulations to our Roy Kizer  Medal Play winners….

…..and, special Kudos to….

·         Erik Rudi with Low Gross Rounds of the Day – 71

·         Chad Winkelmann with the 2nd lowest gross round ever

·         Mark Brody, Chad Crawford and Sam Clark  with the Low Net Rounds of the Day – 63

·         6 players in the 1st Deuce Flight shared the large pot with carry-over

·         And to the 31 players who shot Net Even Par (71) or better.  You all SIZZLED!!!!!

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