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Director Messages

Starcke Park Tournament Results

Starcke Park results are now available.

Congratulations to our Flight winners….

1st Flight:

1st Place…. Greg Jones (Gross 81 – Net 71)

2nd Place….Brian Melnyk (82 - 74)

3rd Place…..Lindsay Shuff (84 – 75)

4th Place…..Erik Rudi (82 - 76

2nd Flight:

1st Place…. .Philip Jones (86 - 71)

2nd Place ….Joe Gimenez (85 – 72))

3rd Place Tie…..Carl Homeier (87 – 74); Jeff Bowman (88 – 74); John Vayo (87 – 74)


3rd Flight:

1st Place…. Steve Barnes (84 – 68)

2nd Place….Scott Preece (85 – 69))

3rd Place Tie…..Manny Schwartz (96 – 72); Barry Tipton (84 – 72)

And special congratulations to……

Leonard Frey and Erik Rudi for the only Deuces in the 1st Deuce Flight.

Starcke Park Tournament Specifics

Starcke Park pairings are now available.

All players are responsible for knowing tournament specifics including Pairings, Assigned Tees, Flights, Starting Holes, and Rules of Play. This information will be posted at the Starcke Park Pro Shop before the start of play.

With a Shotgun Start, all players should be at the course, signed in and ready to play no later than 8:00 as we should be going to our assigned starting holes by 8:15.

Jeff Bowman, Jeff Jones and Chris Wadle will be the Directors in charge of this event. Please direct any tournament questions or concerns to them.




1st Flights will play Blue Tees

2nd & 3rd Flights will play White Tees

TRASH CARRY-OVER: Deuces Carry-Over in the 1st Trash Flights. See attached Carry Over sheet for details.

WEATHER FORECAST: High in the mid 80’s with no expectations of rain. If, however, the weather does become questionable, please call the golf course (830-401-2490) after 7:00 on tournament day for instructions.


Go to Google for specific directions. Starcke Park address is…

650 River Drive West, Seguin, TX.

(Note: as you approach the entrance to Starcke Park, if you cross the Guadalupe River bridge, you’ve gone too far.)

It’s about an hour drive from Ben White in Austin to Starcke Park, so make sure you leave early enough to get there on time.

DRESS CODE: Starcke Park has no specific Dress Code. However, CTGA requests all players to comply with standard Resort Dress Code expectations. They are a Soft Spike facilities.

Blackhawk Tournament Results

Blackhawk results are now available.

Congratulations to our Flight winners….

1st Flight:

1st Place…. Ed Hilpert (Gross 84 and 6 Modified Stableford points)

2nd Place….Nat Mokry (83 and 1 MF point)

3rd Place…..Erik Rudi (83 and 0 MF points)


2nd Flight:

1st Place…. .Anthony Guzaldo (82 and 13 MF points)

2nd Place ….Steve Barnes (87 and 12 MF points)

3rd Place Tie…..Jeff Jones (85 and 10 MF points)


3rd Flight:

1st Place…. Jeb Bera (77 and 31 MF points)

2nd Place….Jeff Bowman (86 and 10 MF points)

3rd Place Tie…..Michael Bera (94 and 6 MF points) and Bruce Beltran (93 and 6 MF points)


And special congratulations to……

Jeb Bera for his exceptional round, including…..

2 Close to Pins (#8 and #15)

the only 2 Deuces in the 2nd Trash Flight

3 of the 5 Skins in the 2nd Trash Flight

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