Completing Scorecards

Bylaw Number: 
  1. Individual and 2-Player Team Format Competition
    1. Players/Teams must exchange scorecards.
    2. If single scorecard is used for both Teams, a Marker is designated to record all scores.
  2. 4-Player Team Competition
    1. A Marker is designated to record all scores;
  3. All Formats
    1. 1. Each Player is responsible for accuracy of his hole-by-hole scores.
      1. A score recorded for any hole lower than actually taken will result in disqualification.
      2. A score recorded for any hole higher than actually taken shall stand.
      3. Incorrect hole-by-hole scores as stated above will likewise apply to Skins and Deuces.
    2. Once signed and turned in, that score becomes the score of record and is not subject to change.
    3. Failure to turn in a scorecard before leaving the event will result in disqualification.
    4. Only tournament gross scores are to be entered on official tournament scorecard.
    5. It is strongly recommended that all Players keep a separate, personal scorecard during the round to verify correctness of the “official” scorecard.

Although the Tournament Director or designee is responsible for the addition of final Individual and Team Gross and Net scores recorded on the scorecard for all competitors, Director in charge will not accept incomplete score cards in Individual Format tournaments and will “help” Teams complete their score cards in Team events.