Central Texas Golf Association Bylaws

    The Central Texas Golf Association (CTGA) is a non-profit, Member-supported organization open to all male and female amateur golf enthusiasts in the greater Austin, Texas area.
    ​As with any golf league, all CTGA Members pay annual dues when joining.  Our Annual Membership Dues are $75.00, prorated to $35.00 for Members joining after May 31st.
    1. Annual Dues are payable at the Members’ first tournament after the annual CTGA Classic, unless special arrangements are made with the CTGA Finance Director to defer or extend payments over 2 or 3 events;
    2. If deferred payment is granted, any winnings prior to full payment of Annual Dues will be credited toward said Annual Dues only;
    3. Although a small portion of each Member’s dues is used for administrative costs, most remains in our General Fund to help supplement our annual Fall Classic.
    The CTGA fiscal year Tournament Schedule begins with the first event after our annual Fall Classic in October and ends with our next Fall Classic.  The time, course, fees and prizes for all tournaments shall be the responsibility of the CTGA Directors.  CTGA Directors will provide tournament schedules and league information to all Members.  If the course limits the number of players allowed for that event, participation will be determined based on date and time request to play is received.
    The annual Fall Classic is open to all CTGA Members only.  To compete in the Fall Classic with full CTGA handicaps, Members must play in a specified number of tournaments determined by their initial start date with CTGA.  Refer to our Classic Handicap Adjustment Table for specific requirements.  This applies to our Classic Medal Play competition.  One round from last year’s Fall Classic participation counts toward the number of the current year tournaments played.

    A general meeting will be held at the conclusion of Saturday’s Classic round to discuss and vote on policy and procedure improvements and to elect next year Board of Directors.

    ​CTGA handicaps will be established and maintained for each Member by the CTGA Tournament/Handicap Director, using GolfSoftware.com Handicap System, which conforms to the USGA Handicap System.
    1. CTGA Tournament scores only will be used to calculate Member handicaps;
    2. All Active Members and/or Member handicaps will be carried over to the following year;
    3. All new Members and active or inactive Members who have not played in a CTGA tournament within the past 10 months must establish a new CTGA handicap.
    4. Members who find it necessary to also carry a GHIN or other handicap in addition to their CTGA Handicap may do so and are responsible for inputting their personal scores into that Handicap system.
    1. A verifiable, established Handicap (using USGA approved handicap formula):
      New Member submits a current, established USGA/GHIN handicap or other verifiable handicap from a golf association or club.  This handicap, after approval by CTGA Handicap Director, will allow the new Member to compete, with no restrictions, in all CTGA tournament competition player pools (including Individual and Team formats), and Trash competitions (Close-To-Pin, Skins, and Deuces) with payout winnings at 100% beginning with his/her first CTGA tournament.

      Establishing the new member’s handicaps:

      1. Seven (7) Provisional Scores (PS) equal to the new Member’s approved handicap index are entered into the CTGA Handicap Manager (HM) System, using Roy Kizer Blue (for men) and Roy Kizer Red (for ladies) course rating as our Home Course, to calculate a provisional CTGA starting handicap;
      2. These scores and the New Member’s CTGA tournament rounds will be used to determine the calculation of up-to-date CTGA handicaps as follows:
        1. Combination of the initial 7 Provisional scores and official CTGA tournament scores totaling 10 will be used to calculate up-to-date handicaps;
        2. Beginning with the new member’s 4th CTGA score posted, one Provisional score will be deleted and handicaps determined by the combination of 10 Provisional and official CTGA scores
        3. With the 10th CTGA score posted, all Provisional scores will have been deleted and the new member’s official CTGA handicap will be determined by CTGA scores only.
    2. Self-Identifying Handicap: New Members who do not have established and verifiable USGA approved handicaps will self-declare a provisional handicap, based on their average 18 hole scores, using the “Self-Handicapping Chart” provided in our CTGA Website and submit that handicap to the CTGA Handicap Director for approval.  This handicap, after approval by CTGA Handicap Director, will allow the new Member to compete for all Player Pool payout beginning with their first CTGA tournament, as defined below:
      1. In Individual Format tournaments, Player Pool payout will be limited to 50% of the stated payout for each Place within each Flight until three (3) CTGA event scores have been entered in our Handicap database;
      2. With no restrictions, in all other CTGA competitions, including Team tournament competition player pools and Trash competitions (Close-To-Pin, Skins, and Deuces) all payouts will be at 100% beginning with his/her first CTGA tournament
    3. Establishing the new member’s Self-Declared handicap:
      1. Same procedure as A 1-2 above will be used to calculate Self-Declared handicaps.
    4. Inactive CTGA Members or past Members returning to CTGA who have not participated in CTGA tournaments within the past 10 months must re-establish new CTGA handicaps using either of the two methods above.
    5. Note:  If a new or returning Member has a current, established USGA/GHIN handicap, this handicap takes precedence and must be submitted to establish a CTGA provisional handicap.
    The CTGA Tournament Director will determine pairings and tee times for all tournaments.  Tee Time priority will be determined using our Online Sign Up system, on a first come basis.  Those signing up via email will be put in first available open spot(s) in our Online signup sheet.
    All CTGA Members and Guests are required to be at the course and ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to their start time.  Starting times and changing of individual player 4-somes on tournament day may be made with CTGA Director approval only.

    Payment of all entry fees will be made to the CTGA Finance Director or designee at the course on tournament day.  Prepay of tournament fees are not required in CTGA events.
    1. At the discretion of the Finance Director or collector designate, tournament fees will be collected up to 25 minutes prior to the collector's tee time and/or after completion of play;
    2. It is each Member’s responsibility to ensure his/her fees and accompanying Guest (if applicable) fees are paid at the course on tournament day;
    3. Entry fee for all CTGA tournaments are listed on the official CTGA tournament schedule. If a tournament fee adjustment is required due to change of venue or changes by the golf course, it will be announced by the Tournament Director prior to that event.
    4. If a tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather, fees paid at the course on tournament day will be refunded or applied to Member’s personal account. Fees paid Online will be applied to Member’s personal account;
    5. Fees for our optional Skins and Deuces competitions will be charged to Members and Guests unless they verbally “opt out” of these competitions prior to start of play.
    6. Members who leave the course without paying tournament fees and/or discussing arrangements to pay fees with Director in charge will be subject to a $10.00 late fee.
    CTGA operates on the Honor System and requires no prepay of tournament fees prior to tournament day.  CTGA understands and accepts player cancellations at any time resulting from family emergencies and/or work commitments
    1. Players who cancel after Pairings and Flights have been published and sent out will be charged:
      1. Course fee if the course charges CTGA for that spot unless a replacement fills that spot;
      2. Player Pool fee if cancellation is within 24 hours of tournament tee time;
      3. If a replacement player fills the spot, no penalty fee will be assessed.
    2. Players who sign up for a CTGA event and fail to show up without contacting us (No Shows):
      1. 1st time No Show will be given a one (1) grace reminder;
      2. 2nd time offender will pay the Player Pool and Trash fee…no exception;
      3. 3nd time offender and/or members requesting to be added tour tournament field after Pairings are sent out will pay the full tournament fee for that event (Course fee and Player Pool fee)…no exception;
      4. 4rd time offender will pay the full tournament fee and be required to Pre-Pay the next tournament…no exception.
      5. Members will be responsible for invited Guest(s) as they apply to either cancellations or No-Shows;
      6. Waiver of any of the above fees may be made at the discretion and agreement of two (2) CTGA Directors.
  10. GUESTS
    ​CTGA welcomes invited Guests to all CTGA scheduled tournament.  All Guests shall understand and accept the competition eligibility, limitation, Rules of Play, event guidelines and Player Pool/Trash tournament fees as specified within these CTGA By-Laws, including:
    1. All applicable tournament fees;
    2. Guest(s) must provide handicap (USGA conforming or self-declared) when signing up;
    3. Guests may compete in all CTGA Player Pool and Trash competitions a maximum of 2 events within a calendar year. Further participation within that calendar year will be as a non-participating Guest only.
    4. Guest payout in Individual Format Competition will be at 50% of the stated amounts for each Place within each competition Flight;
    5. Guest payout in Team Format Competition will be at the same stated amounts as for CTGA Team members;
    6. Three Guests may play in the same 4-some in an Individual tournament as long as accompanied by an active CTGA member;
    7. A Guest must partner with a CTGA Member only in 2-Player Team events. Three (3) Guests may partner with one (1) CTGA Member in 4-Player Team Events.
    8. Guests are eligible for all CTGA Trash competitions, including Close-To-Pin, Skins and Deuces, at 100% of the winner share;
    9. Guests are eligible for CTGA Hole-In-One prize at 50% of stated prize amount;
    10. Guests are not eligible to play in our Annual CTGA Fall Classic;
    11. Guests are not eligible to compete in our FedEx Cup or Kodak Challenge competitions.
    Major USGA Rules of Golf changes will be initiated beginning on January 1.  CTGA will begin using these new Rules of Golf concurrent with our first official 2019 event on October 21, 2018.  The specific changes will be sent out to all members no later than November 1, 2018.  Until then, please use the new Rules as you know the and/or use the current CTGA Rules of Competition that is sent out with Pairing information for each event.
    1. All CTGA tournaments will be played in accordance with USGA Rules of Play, Local Course Rules, and specific CTGA Rules of Play. Refer to the CTGA Rules of Play in the Rules & Regulations section in our CTGA Website. Unless otherwise announced, all USGA and CTGA Specific Rules of Play shall be in effect at all tournaments;
    2. Special playing rules pertaining to inclement weather, course conditions, local course rules, etc., will be announced prior to the start of that event by CTGA Directors and/or Course Professional;
    3. Golf etiquette shall be observed at all times by CTGA Members and invited Guests;
    4. It is the responsibility of all CTGA Members to know and understand all CTGA tournament Rules of Play, and ensure his/her invited Guest(s) comply with these rules;
    5. Personal GPS/Course Rangefinders are permissible in all CTGA tournament play. GPS /Rangefinders with Slope capabilities can be used WITHOUT the Slope feature activated.  Use of Slope will result in player disqualification;
    6. Music may be played within a foursome in all CTGA events except our Fall Classic only with all players’ approve and volume does not disturb other foursomes.
    1. CTGA Directors and/or golf course Professional shall reconcile all concerns regarding Rules of Play.
    2. If a player is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, he may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls in accordance with Rule 3-3.
    3. CTGA Directors will reconcile disputes and protests concerning scoring or eligibility.
    4. Protest of a handicap shall be reconciled prior to the Member(s) start of play on tournament day. The Directors' decision shall be final.
    CTGA tournaments will be played in accordance with USGA guidelines on Undue Slow Play, a variation of USGA Note 2 to Rule 6-7.

    The accountability of maintaining an acceptable Pace of Play throughout the round lies with the entire 4-somes and a 1 Stroke Penalty for “Undue Slow Play” will be assessed to all players in that 4-some unless circumstances confirm that the slow play is caused by individual player(s).

    1. Individual and 2-Player Team Format Competition
      1. Players/Teams must exchange scorecards;
      2. If single scorecard is used for both Teams, a Marker is designated to record all scores.
    2. 4-Player Team Competition
      1. A Marker is designated to record all scores;
    3. All Formats
      1. Each Player is responsible for accuracy of his hole-by-hole scores;
        1. A score recorded for any hole lower than actually taken will result in disqualified;
        2. A score recorded for any hole higher than actually taken shall stand;
        3. Incorrect hole-by-hole scores as stated above will likewise apply to Skins and Deuces.
      2. Once signed and turned in, that score becomes the score of record and is not subject to change;
      3. Failure to turn in a scorecard before leaving the event will result in disqualification;
      4. We ask that ONLY TOURNAMENT GROSS SCORES be entered on official tournament scorecard with circle(s) to show Birdies and Eagles;
      5. It is strongly recommended that all Players keep a separate, personal scorecard during the round to verify correctness of the “official” scorecard.
    4. Although the Tournament Director or designee is responsible for the addition of final Individual and Team Gross and Net scores recorded on the scorecard for all competitors, Director in charge will not accept incomplete score cards in Individual Format tournaments and will “help” Teams complete their score cards in Team events.
    All CTGA tournament play will be Individual Formats or Team Formats.  All tournament formats will be determined and posted on our annual Tournament Schedule.  Explanations of formats are available in the CTGA Website under Tournament Formats in Rules & Regulations.
    The CTGA Tournament Director will determine the number of competition flights to be played in all events.

    Individual Format tournaments:  The number of Flights per Individual Format events will be determined by the number of players in the field and handicap breakdown.

    2-Player and 4-Player Team tournaments with the number of Flights determined by the total number of Teams entered.  Team Flights will be determined by the combined handicaps of all Team players.

    Trash Flights will always have 2 Flights, determined by player handicaps.

    The CTGA Tournament Director will determine the Tees to be played in all events.
    1. ​Individual Format Tournaments
      1. ​Courses with multiple Tees of more than 6200 yards:
        1. Players may opt to play Next Forward Tees based on High Handicap and/or meeting established 75 Rule;
        2. Ladies will play Tees consistent with their handicaps;
        3. Higher handicap men’s Flights will play Tees between 6,000 and 6400 yards;
        4. Lower handicap men’s Flights will play Tees between 6,400 and 6,800 yards;
      2. ​Courses with maximum yardage of 6200 or less:
        1. All men will play the Back Tees;
        2. Ladies will play Tees consistent with their handicaps.
      3. Team Format tournaments
        1. All men will play the same Tees, not to exceed 6,400 yards;
        2. All ladies will play Tees closest to the Slope/Rating of the assigned Men’s Tees.
    2. All competitors will play from their approved designated Tees.  Play from unapproved Tees will result in disqualification from that tournament player pools and competitions with exceptions as defined in Rule #18.
    All players within the same Player Pool Flights will play the assigned Teeing Ground for that tournament, with the following exceptions:
    1. Ladies will play assigned Ladies Teeing Ground with applicable handicap for that Tee plus appropriate Stroke/Slope handicap adjustments;
    2. Any player scheduled to play the assigned Teeing Ground may opt to play the next Back Teeing Ground with applicable handicap for that Tee plus appropriate Stroke/Slope handicap adjustments;
    3. Higher handicap players, based on age and/or limited distance range, may get approval to play the next Forward Teeing Ground with applicable handicap plus appropriate Stroke/Slope handicap adjustment. If granted and the player(s) place in their Player Pool, they are restricted to play the regular assigned teeing Ground as follows:
      1. 1st Place Finish – not eligible to move to next Forward Tees for next 3 tournaments;
      2. 2nd Place Finish – not eligible to move to next Forward Tees for next 2 tournaments;
      3. 3rd or lower Place Finish – not eligible to move to next Forward Tees for next tournament.
      4. Places in 2 consecutive events by moving Forward: Not eligible to move Forward for next 4 events.
    4. Players making the CTGA Cup Playoff Finals will play in a single Flight from differing Tees with normal handicap and appropriate Stroke/Slope handicap adjustments.
    5. Competing from different Tees does not apply to our Tournament Trash Competitions.
    1. Flight Payout: Determined by the available Pool with guaranteed 30% of the field in each Flight;
    2. Player Pool payout for each Flight will be determined by the number of Flights divided by the total number of competing players and the amount of the total prize money available;
    3. Corresponding places in each Flight will receive equal payout as long as the number of players in that Flight meets the 30% payout guideline.
    4. Guest Player Pool payout will be as follows:
      1. 50% of the designated payout at Individual format tournaments;
      2. 100% of the designated payout at Team format tournaments.
      3. All Guest prize payouts will be credited to his/her sponsoring Member’s Account.
    5. No competition winnings will be paid out at the course on tournament day. All winnings will be put into each member’s Personal Funds Account.
    6. Player Pool payout adjustments may be required and made after initial pairing information is released due to the loss or gain of our playing field. This adjustment may not be known until after completion of play.
    First place ties in tournament player pools shall be settled by scorecard play-off.  The winner will be determined as follows:
    1. Results of the last 9 holes, using applicable Back 9 handicap holes;
    2. If still tied, results of the last 6 holes, using applicable last 6 handicap holes;
    3. If still tied, results of the last 3 holes, using applicable last 3 handicap holes;
    4. If still tied, results of the 18th hole using applicable 18th handicap hole;
    5. If still tied, results beginning with the #1 handicap hole until a winner is determined;
    6. Ties for all other places in each Player Pool Flight will be split equally;
    7. 1st Place ties in our CTGA Classic will be determined by a sudden death playoff if the course and time permits. Otherwise, a scorecard playoff will determine the winner(s).
    1. The CTGA Finance Director will maintain a Personal Fund Account for each active Member;
    2. All winning amounts, including all Trash, will be credited to that Member’s Account upon release of official tournament results;
    3. At Member’s request, the CTGA Finance Director will release funds for any moneys within that Member’s Account;
    4. All Guest prize payout will be credited to his/her sponsoring Member’s Account.
    5. Personal Fund Accounts for ex-members who have left CTGA will remain open and available to the ex-members for up to 2 years. After 2 years, ex-member accounts will be closed and said funds forfeited and transferred to the CTGA General Fund.  The Finance Director is not responsible for attempting to contact the ex-member regarding said funds.
    6. Members are responsible for funds available to invited Guests.
    Three Trash competitions will be played at all CTGA tournaments, including Close-To-Pin, Skins and Deuces (see CTGA Website for Trash competition procedures).  Close-To-Pin fee is included in the player’s Tournament Fee.  Skins and Deuces are optional competitions with $5.00 entry fee each.  All players are in our Skins & Deuces competitions unless they opt out prior to start of play.

    Two Trash Flights will be determined based on participating player handicaps with as close to a 50% balance as possible.

    1. Close-To-Pin Competition: Each Trash Flight will compete for Close-To-Pin prizes on two (2) designated Par 3 holes.  Player with closest 1st tee shot on the green wins that hole.  Close-To-Pin prize per hole is $10.00.  If no player hits the green, the prize money for that hole goes into the CTGA General Fund.
      NOTE:  Failure to measure and record Close-To-Pin distance prior to abandoning exact position of the ball on the green will result in disqualification for Close-To-Pin on that hole.
    2. Skins Competition: A Skins hole is won by the player whose gross score is the single lowest gross score on that hole within that Skins Flight.  Two (2) or more players within the Flight tie with the same low gross score, no Skin is awarded.  Skin prize amount will be determined by the number of players entered into Skins divided by the number of Skins won.
    3. Deuces Competition: All players who record a natural 2 on their scorecard will share in that Flight’s Deuce Pot.  The Deuce Pot is divided equally amongst the total number of gross Deuces recorded.
    4. No Skins and/or Deuces won within a Trash Flight will result in a Carry-Over to the next tournament.
    5. Players who did not play in events resulting in Skins or Deuces Carry-Over must buy into the Carry-Over Trash pot(s).
    6. Fee for competing in Skins and Deuces in 2-Day tournaments is $10.00 each (5.00 for each day).
    CTGA General Fund will include a $200.00 Member Hole-In-One prize and a $200.00 Double Eagle prize.  Guest prize will be $100.00 (50%) for each.  When a Hole-In-One or Double Eagle prize is awarded, each Member will be assessed an equal dollar amount, based on the number of active CTGA members, at his/her next tournament to re-establish our $200.00 Hole-In-One or Double Eagle prize fund.
    Guidelines for our annual CTGA Cup competition can be found in  under Rules & Regulations.
    Guidelines for our annual CTGA Challenge competition can be found in under Rules & Regulations.
    1. CTGA Board of Directors shall consist of 4 elected positions. 2019 Board of Directors include:   
      1. Tournament/Handicap Director  -  Eddie Nunez
      2. Finance Director – Sean Nunez
      3. At Large Director –Steve Barnes
      4. At Large Director – Scott Preece
      5. At Large Director – John Vayo
    2. The CTGA Board of Directors will govern all logistics of the CTGA organization in accordance with its approved By-Laws;
    3. CTGA Board of Directors have the power to amend or change an existing CTGA By-Laws with 75% approval from current Directors;
    4. CTGA Board of Directors will oversee all tournaments and make general decisions on specific issues and processes at their discretion;
    5. CTGA Board of Directors (BOD) shall have a minimum of 4 Quarterly meetings to discuss organization issues, concerns, strategies, and new process implementation. BOD meetings dates will be announced and are open to all members;
    6. CTGA Board of Directors will preside in office for the fiscal tournament year (Fall Classic to Fall Classic);
    7. CTGA Board of Directors will represent CTGA as a voting member of the City of Austin Golf Advisory Board;
    8. CTGA Board of Directors may be reelected to serve multiple years with no term limits.
    1. Professional golfers, school age boys and girls who currently and/or will be part of a University, High School, Junior High School, and/or any Junior Golf competition program, etc., may become CTGA members and/or play as Guests of CTGA Members but are not eligible to compete for any CTGA prizes.
    2. Fees for these special Guests will be course fees (green fees, cart fee, etc.) and a $5.00 Guest Fee.
    Tournament results and other member information pertinent to that tournament and upcoming tournament(s) will be posted on the CTGA Website at the conclusion of each tournament.

    Member Statistics will be posted on the CTGA Website at the beginning of each calendar month.

    Same information will be available via email to all Members at their request.



October 16, 2018